Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

ATD Marketing Launches Great Lake Antiques Directory

Covington, Indiana – With successful Antique Shop Directories for the Hoosier State and the Land of Lincoln, now, ATD Marketing has launched their latest antique directory site for the Great Lake State,

Since 2005, the principals of ATD Marketing have created these three web-site to be the most accurate, up-to-date, informative and beautiful Antique Shop Directories on the web. The vision of History and Antiques go together is most evident in their newest site, www.antiqueshopsinmichigan.

On this new site, they have gone one step further; they have included tourism as a part of their vision. Knowing that individuals travel to pursue that perfect antique, they are traveling with their families. “Even though Mom is seeking antiques, their husbands and children need alternative entertainment”, says Eryn Massey, Special Promotions Manager of ATD Marketing. “That is why we felt having tourist venues as part of our web-sites was so important.” “These families not only need alternative entertainment, but places to stay, food to eat, and an entire array of things to do while their Antique Entrepreneur is searching the “back roads” of these great states looking for their prize antique,” Eryn says.

Combined, the Antique Shops in…. web-sites provide an accurate up-to-date listing of over 1500 antique shops and with the assistance of their visitors as well as diligent research, this number is growing daily. Each county and town listed in a convenient pull-down menu and has its own web page that shows the name and physical address of the shops located within that geographical area. All of the pages located within www.antiqueshopsinmichigan have historical and/or tourist information about the county or town. They have included a vast array of information and photographs that included historical and tourist venues as well as link you directly to informational sites for these venues. They are in the process of updating the Indiana and Illinois sites to include this type of information. So, if you have been to or before, go back again and often to see the changes that are being made.

Not only do these web-sites contain antiquing, historical and tourist information, they are extremely interactive. Whether you are an antique shop owner, history enthusiast, or just plain ole’ Joe, you can provide information for inclusion into these web-sites. They provide the opportunity for the visitor to submit antique and/or historical articles to be published. To provide photographs of historical value or of an interesting or extraordinary antique piece to be placed on the web-site. ATD Marketing will give full credit for every submission provided to these sites. There is an interactive comments page that can be utilized by all visitors to post comments or to use in real-time and carry on a discussion about your passion for antiques or history. There is also a locator service where the visitor can list specific items that are being sought and that the Antique Entrepreneur can possibly make a sell by seeing what customers are seeking. This is a fantastic way for someone in, let’s say, Washington State can locate a specific item for sale in Michigan and both buyer and seller can make a connection through this locator service.

Joe Massey, owner and founder of ATD Marketing, truly believes that these web-sites should be utilized by their visitors to build a community that can be enjoyable for the antique and history enthusiast as well as being a full and complete resource for individuals looking to travel to these great states in search of the perfect antique piece or a great family get away. “Providing our visitors with information on hotels, tourist attractions, dining venues, historical sites and out-of-the-way places is a fantastic way to promote these great States”, says Eryn Massey, Special Promotions Manager for ATD Marketing.

ATD Marketing was founded in 2005 to provide quality printing, ad specialties, web design and other business services to small & medium sized businesses. With over 25 years experience in the printing and marketing industry ATD Marketing can offer sensible solutions to the business owner searching for effective, quality support and promotional opportunities.